About the Artist....
My name is Marlene Outlaw and I am a native Texan and I have lived in Central Texas since 1984. I have been working as an independent artist for as long as I can remember. Custom Mosaics by Marlene was created in 1999. I started out creating backsplashes for many homes, then I ventured out to stained glass and now I have found my niche! Nothing compares to the wonderful reflection of light in front or behind stained glass. No digital camera can capture the light reflections  and beauty the human eye experiences with variations of the light reflecting on the whole piece.
I find it very rewarding to design and create a custom piece for non-profit groups.  This piece was designed for a very unusual slanted window in the headquarters of "Heroes Night Out" in Leander, TX.
This hard working group helps families of our veterans. Look closely and you will see amber waves of grain, fruited plains and purple mountain magesty. All branches of the military is represented in the silhouttes.
Shown on the left are two octagon windows were created for the Williamson County Children's Advocacy Center.

Much thought was put into creating these windows. Children who are put in compromising situations are brought to the Center and must feel safe so I used "happy" elements such as the "ring around the rosie" and "swing me". There are quilts hanging outside the yellow house. Poppies and bluebonnets were used also for happy colors. Click on the images to enlarge.

If you have an organization that needs public recognition, a special piece like this will be carried down for generations for to come to honor their efforts and hard work for making the world a better place.  Please allow me to be a part of that dream!

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